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looking back its hard to act like 23 ain't 13. I'd still dirty my new shoes to get close to you. all the things we used to say never go away. I turn them over in my head but some stones still remain: "Honest, maybe you're the best part of me." the sun was in my eyes, you caught me by surprise. the sun was in your eyes, I caught you by surprise. but it wasn't all for nothing. no, it wasn't all for nothing.
I only see you when we're wasted I took the time to call your name and I don't understand our differences but we both still feel the same. When you think of all the reasons do they still fill you with regret? Are we complicating the moments we should always have known best? And I'll be here til March of next year. (two voices side by side and intertwined trapped between two eternities one repeats the other the other only sighs now they only sigh) Tell me a story I'll be here til next week Make it a good one In case March doesn't come I hope I see you when I'm wasted I'll take the time to call your name I hope we understand our differences I hope we both still feel the same. I'll be here til March of next year. It's not so clear if we'll be here.
when you called from a dream it was 4am. I was fast asleep, nearly up by then. falling back beneath the phone screens in the grass there's nowhere I'd rather be than when you're lying there with me. it's not so clear if we'll be here next year. don't leave it up to me. I'll stay up late if you got more words to say - don't leave it up to me! don't leave!
// 02:13
if I filled your room with stars, would it be enough to cause another life? permanent? or is the feeling lost? if I'm being honest with you, the cigarette smoke is not the issue. you can politely drag me anywhere you fucking want to. if I could've, I would've done something more to see you. I'm happy just to see you smile. it's been a while - it's getting hard to reach you. traveled north to see you, stumbled home with all my issues. you're way too smart. (I'm falling apart) saw your ghost in the parking lot two years later. blinked and you were gone. like the moth in the glass this feeling too will pass. guilty for using reason. permanent loss of feeling. as if to say there's nothing left worth saying.
Cycles 02:31
don't think about the things we lack eventually they'll circle back to times and things we thought we knew perhaps that's just my point of view. so long to apathy! what did it ever do for me? (but cause a rift in fractured time) I'll tell you this, you'll tell me why. tell me why. hold on. I can't reach you. give me a sign. I can come clean. I can reset. keep me around. while the sun was in my eyes you caught me by surprise. while the sun was in your eyes I caught you by surprise.


This album is dedicated to Matt Aspinwall.

You are loved.


released October 10, 2020

Here til March and Danvid Latterman were written with Matt 1/10 - 1/13 2017.
recorded summer 2019 & winter 2020 at Big Nice Studio with Chaimes Parker.
Mastered by Andy Clarke.


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